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Turning Obsolete Ships into Underwater Treasures

What We Do
We acquire, prepare and place artificial reefs in coastal communities. We work with community leaders to develop strategies to maximize the economic development potential of artificial reefs.

Who We Are
REEFMAKERS™ is a for profit company.

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How We Do It
has developed a turn-key
approach that begins with identification of an
artificial reef candidate and continues through
to the environmental monitoring of the artificial


•  Identify and evaluate candidate ships
•  Provide custom project financing
•  Determine optimal reef site
•  Complete and submit permit applications to all government agencies
•  Develop engineering plans and specifications for reef preparation, towing, and placement
•  Create customized marketing campaign for the artificial reef
•  Design the strategy to obtain sponsorships and other auxiliary funding
•  Prepare the ship in compliance with environmental regulations and diver safety standards
•  Tow and sink the ship
•  Publicize ship sinking
•  Monitor reef's ecosystem activity and environmental health

REEFMAKERS™ will help your coastal community reap economic and environmental benefits from the creation of artificial reefs.

Turning Obsolete Ships into Underwater Treasures

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